About me.自我介紹:楊裕閔About me. 自我介紹 Hi!My name is Mike(楊裕訂做禮服閔), I am a handsome boy. I’m eleven years old. I live in Alian. 濾桶My telephone number is *******. I’m in grade 4, number 2. My 節能燈具birthday is on October 7th. There are four people in my family. I 酒店經紀have a brother. His name is Johnny. He is twelve years old. He is 酒店工作very, very tall, and he is handsome, too. My favorite subjects are 酒店打工English and math. My English teacher is Nicole. I like to play 酒店兼職games, read, sleep and watch TV. I like black and white. I don’t 燒烤like to take tests and write homework.

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